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Liquid Bullet specialises in custom made vests to the customers exact requirements. 

We are able to manufacture "1 offs" or large runs in the shortest possible lead times.

Stab Proof
Liquid Bullet has developed a composite panel for stab proof/stab resistant vest for either back and front protection or "full wrap".



National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0101.04 - Ballistic Test Chart
 NIJ Certified – US NIJ Standard 0101.04 is a standard for Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor developed by the law enforcement standards laboratory of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), US Department of Justice, Washington DC



                                                  Ballistic Helmet - khaki                   Undercover Bullet Resistant Vest         Ballistic Helmet - black



      Custom made Bullet Resistant Vest                       Standard Front and back protection                           Standard Stab resistant vest



                                                                                  Custom made Stab Resistant vest





Liquid Bullet offers an extensive range of hard armour plates for body armour to comply with most requirements. With more than 200 000 plates produced for the local and export market, and many years of experience, Liquid Bullet is in a position to provide exact solutions to body armour problems.

With experience with a wide range of materials and production processes, Liquid Bullet has the ability to provide standard or special solutions to conform to the requirements regarding shape, weight, protection level and cost.

Liquid Bullet's extensive access to a range of arms, ammunition and testing facilities provides the ability to test and develop plates to conform to each specific requirement as well as to existing specifications.

Most of the materials used are either of local origin, or kept in stock, to enable quick production and supply of large quantities. Flexible production processes allows production lots between 10 and 50 000 plates.


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